Ironhack UX Case Study IV

Event Microsite: Winter Wonderland

Brief: Applying the design thinking process to the redesign of a local e-commerce’s website
Timeline: 5 days
Role: UX Designer
Teammate: Kevin Diaz & Joanna Rosson

✨under construction✨

01. Discover: Insight into the problem

Secondary Research

I started looking up statistics on how __ . I managed to dig up a few interesting facts..

  • quote
  • quote

Lean UX

With this in mind, I needed to conduct some business analysis using the Lean UX Canvas to make sure I’m establishing a user-centric design process. This helps to define the business, the user, and their desired outcomes.

As a UX designer, I need to make sure I find that sweet spot between the user’s needs, and the business goals.

Desired business outcomes

User & Customers

User Benefits

Business Analysis

Market Positioning Analysis: Competitor, Current, Future: Pinpoint the value innovation

User Research

Collecting data to understand the Whats, Whys, and Hows

Survey: Respondents — Quantitative Data

Interviews: Qualitative Data


02. Define: Scope down the focus

Affinity Map: Synthesize /Organize Discoveries, Insights, User reactions

Value Proposition: Customer Segment

User Persona

User Journey

Reframing the Problems

Problems & Opportunities


03. Develop: Potential Solutions

MoSCoW Method

MoSCoW Method

Value Proposition

Minimum Viable Product

Jobs to be Done

User Flow

Site Map

04. Deliver: Solutions that work & Receive feedback

Visual Competitive Analysis

Low-Fidelity Prototype

Mid-Fidelity Prototype

High-Prototype Prototype

Success & Failure Metrics

  • UX Solutions: that sweet spot that works in the best interest of both the business and user goals in a technically feasible way.

Next Steps

  • Test high-fidelity prototype
  • Figure out the logistics of the business and rewards program implementation

Key Takeaways & Learnings

  • logistics of the business and rewards program implementation

Architect → UX/UI Designer ⚡️Ironhack Alum

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Karina Argüello

Karina Argüello

Architect → UX/UI Designer ⚡️Ironhack Alum

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