Hackathon Challenge

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash
  • Restricted time frame to produce final project
  • Designers had to make sure to design something feasible that Web Devers could code, esp. given the little time
  • Jumping into softwares that are still new to the team
  • Understanding the Web Dev language (vice versa)
  • Coordinating between Designers who were assigned individual sections to maintain consistency
  • Building a portfolio from the idea of this persona, Visual Veronica the refiner, was a time-consuming process involving UX designers and Web developers working together at this challenge. From this project, as UX designers and Web developers, we learned how to communicate ideas, understand and reduce the knowledge gap between design and development.
  • The most challenging part of this project was to face up to the feasibility of the work within the given time frame, and we had to consider technical constraints and tackle some parts of the UI to make sure to deliver the completed project.
  • In the future, before any designing or coding is begun, both teams need to start a dialogue with each other. To establish clear communication regarding the overall vision/vibe of the design, what can & cannot be attained on the developers end & what the designers overall goal is.
  • 1. To learn how to collaborate on tech teams
  • 2. To have more overlap between the cohorts in a virtual setting
  • 3. Ux’ers to feel comfortable with HTML and CSS
  • 4. Developers to gain a perspective from the designers
  • 5. UXers understand the content strategy of Portfolios
  • 6. Portfolios to be ready with placeholders so that by the end of the cohort they can have a completed portfolio ready for career week.
  • The entire process is a collaboration. The designers should be helping on the coding side and the developers should be helping on the design side. Both parties should be contributing; this is a group effort. Remember camera’s on!

Architect → UX/UI Designer ⚡️Ironhack Alum

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Karina Argüello

Karina Argüello

Architect → UX/UI Designer ⚡️Ironhack Alum

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